Polyrhythms, practice logging, timing practice and more...

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Polyrhythms, practice logging, timing practice and more...

Postby joecrabtree » Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:16 am

Hey guys,

It's a while since I've been on here. Back in 2011 I posted about a metronome app I'd developed with Lucas Ives called PolyNome. At the time it was quite basic.

Since then it's turned into a fully fledged tool. Great for practice & live, logging practice, creating setlists, etc. etc.

Below are a few videos demonstrating some of the things you can do with it. There are lots more on the YouTube channel and Facebook page.
If you have any questions about it you can contact me via the PolyNome website - https://polynome.net/


Loud Jazz hits:

Metric modulation using quintuplets

5 over 4 vs 4 over 5

Experimenting with backbeat placement

Practising rate changes

The Practice Log

YouTube channel: https://polynome.net/youtube
Facebook : https://polynome.net/facebook

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