98s or DM20s?

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98s or DM20s?

Postby Odd-Arne Oseberg » Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:53 am

So, things a stable and stil no real expenses. Finally, I can start where I left off. I'll talk to my bank on Monday, but I'm not asking for much, so it should be fine. Drums and getting started with recording gear.

I'm starting with what will be my basic live mic setup.

Pretty sure that I'll go with a pair of Austrian Audio OC818s as OHs. If they work out I'll eventually get two more, so they can e.g. be a tom option in the studio. 414s for those who don't want the headache and the new tech should make them quite versatile.

Basically, I want some small clip-on condensers for my toms.s There are many options out there, but 98s or DM20s should do the trick. Just seems hard to get much info. Everyone here knows I've been out of the pro business for a while, so I've never tried any of these.

What's interesting about the DM20s is really how durable solid they are, or ook to be. Extra low mids, if that's what they provide, I'm not sure I care about as it's more of a pain than a help in most cases. At least to my taste.The main reason I'm not really condidering DPAs. Dave uses 98s all the time and how Vinnie's drums are captured on AVO thing with Herbie would pretty much make me happy. Looks to be 98s a lot of the time.

The other question is of course that 98s aren't 98s. There are a few options.

I'm sure those who are more actively gigging meet these all the time, so just interesting to hear som opinions. Only really useful clip I've come across of DM20s is Austin Burcham's review.

There are obviously a lot of cheaper and fat sounding dynamics out there, but that's not really interesting to me right now. I want the full range and those upper mids.

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